Taylor River Side Farm and Preserve Flood History

dec 21 2012 flood walk by horse pasture

Connect to the Taylor Wildlife Preserve Farm Flood History on the Preserve’s website to read all about the following accounts:

The Flood Book 1933 – The Flood Book was written in 1933 by Howard Taylor Jr., and transcribed by his daughter Pep Hinkey. Its an account of the August 1933 flood as experienced by Howard and his family and the folks on the Farm.

The Cinnaminson Waterfront Today and Yesterday This booklet was written by Joseph H. Taylor in 1988 to be useful to the Cinnaminson Township Planning Board.  They were creating a study following a decision against a zoning change that would allow real estate planners and developers to build condos on vacant land by the Delaware.  Instead, the Planning Board  voted to create a study to determine the use of the entire waterfront, with the individuals most affected being consulted, and considering the maximum use of the waterfront for all people of Cinnaminson’. Joseph presented them facts and background that would prove useful in the study process. The booklet includes interesting historical information about the land, its people and its natural resources.

‘A Farm Flood Book’ – Three Centuries on the Banks of the Delaware This book was assembled by the Marblehead Taylors (Jim, Annie, and Nat) after three floods in six months occurred in 2011 – this after a 30 year hiatus of any major flooding of the Delaware River.   It is intended to ‘combine a brief history of the Farm with some insight on how life there has been intertwined with the ebb and flow (and overflow!) of the Delaware River from the 1700’s through the present day. Much of the text relating to the earlier times was originally written or transcribed by others, notably Howard G. Taylor Jr. (1888-1967), his son Joseph (1914-1991), his son Hal (1939-2001), and Anne Kriebel, who transcribed reminiscences of Howard’s wife May Taylor in Gently, Sister, Gently.’