More Available at our Farm Stand

More Available at our Farm Stand

Visit us at the Farm Stand and find freshly picked Snap Beans, Baby Zucchinis, Pattypan Squash, and Purslane.


  1. Kim

    Great to see the farm last night on our way to the river to see the sun set. Picked up a melon, which was delicious! The plots of veggies look wonderful, esp the signs. And you moved the tomatos…the sunflowers are awesome!!!
    The goats must LOVE their new home, too.

    Will you be having the Farm to Table event this year?

    1. admin

      Hi Kim, Aren’t those melons fantastic?! We’ll post here and on Facebook if and when we have a Farm to Table event this year. Our intent is to do so, but we’ll confirm when we have a better idea. Thanks!

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