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 About Snipes Farm

Set on a historic 6-generation farm, our non-profit organization has for the past five years served the community in exciting new ways. Now on any given day you can find farmers tending crops, animals giving us food and fertilizer, children exploring and learning and solar panels powering the farm with the sun’s energy.

In an age when children’s health is threatened by diabetes and obesity, students in our nutrition and farm education programs learn about food through hands-on lessons from seed to fork. They plant, tend, grow, harvest and cook with farm fresh ingredients and learn about how to make healthy food choices.

The farm staff grows food for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program whose members enjoy naturally grown vegetables and fruit from June to November. Community is built through volunteering, and health and vitality deepened with diets infused with fresh produce. Sustainable practices improve the soil’s fertility with the help of animals, crop rotation and cover cropping.

Fresh food donated to Farmers Against Hunger is distributed to soup kitchens and food pantries, food shares are donated to the local homeless shelter and to the Bucks County Housing Group.

We hope to see you soon here at Snipes Farm! We believe your experience with a working farm will build your practical knowledge of growing food in harmony with nature, and increase your desire to protect the natural systems that support all life on our planet.

Snipes Farm and Education Center
890 West Bridge Street
Morrisville, PA 19067

Phone 215-295-1139

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